Relief Teaching in New Zealand

Getting it together

A relief teacher needs to be able to mobilise at a moments notice!  Having a prepared kit or 'go bag' is essential.  Have three that range across junior, middle and senior primary levels - keep them all in the car as you might need them for remedial or extension work.

There are some ideas for getting a go bag together at the bottom of this page, but of course, as you gain experience you will build on this.  Take the opportunity in the classroom to get copies of teacher resources, let the students show you activities they know and learn from them, and share with other relievers.
Keep a log of the schools you have been to and which activities you have used with which classes.  It is a good idea to keep a log of the schools you have been to and which activities you have used in which classes.  There is a relief teaching log along with the other resources and forms you can download on  this site.  If you click on the text for each item it will direct you to the page on this site where the corresponding file is located.

As part of your preparation, there are some things you can find out before your first day from the schools that you intend to work at.
Meet the principal.  Find out what the school discipline plan is, the policy for release of children into care of an adult and the location of the library, health room, staff room, art resources, sports equipment, the emergency drill stations and procedures.  You can also check if there is a folder for each class with:
  • Plans
  • Timetables and bell times
  • Attendance register
  • Children with special needs
  • Interchanges and children that leave the class
  • Photocopy numbers
  • Guidelines on student use of computers and other classroom resources (so there are no grey areas!)
  • Contact/support people
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Teacher rewards systems that are in place

Go Bag items

General items:
  • Sports whistle
  • Sticky name labels
  • Pens, pencils, felts, ruler, rubber (all named)
  • Paper (variety of sizes and types)
  • Merit stickers and stamps
  • Own tape/cd player and tapes/cds
  • Sports shoes
  • Umbrella
  • Perhaps a musical instrument (if you are that way inclined!)
  • Feedback form
  • Relief teaching log
  • Time sheets and MOE number

For each level:
  • Plan for the day (incase there isn't one, plan for more than you need and  plan to your strengths)
  • Story books
  • 'Starter' ideas and activities
  • Games and activities across the curriculum
  • Certificates and awards